Translation: Tynyshpaev, “Ak-taban-shubryndy”

This translation requires an admission of guilt.

I am ashamed that I have left this translation only half-completed on other occasions. It is a piece that has deserved far better treatment from me. Aside from its direct impact on my dissertation research, it is especially shameful considering how often I write about my respect for Tynyshpaev.

My embarrassment keeps me from guiding you to those earlier not-quite-translations.

On the other hand, I can say that I have read this article closely dozens of times over the last six years. I know Tynyshpaev’s writing style fairly well — though I admit I did not preserve his semi-colon heavy punctuation. I also transliterated his rendition of the ethnonym Kazak, making it Казак instead of the Soviet-standard Казах. Interesting it might be to some that some rationalization exists to explain that the х, which many Kazakhs today pronounce as a Қ, or Q, is actually the more correct way to spell Қазақ in Russian. I remain unconvinced, considering that we do not speak about Хазахстан or the хазахи that live there.

Tynyshpaev’s pattern of citation was commendable: he gave due credit to Levshin and Bartol’d for their research into the Bare Footed Flight. However, Tynyshpaev made no mention or citation of Qudaiberdiev’s work on this same topic (already posted on this blog). Either this meant that by sheer coincidence their works bear such a resemblance, or he felt that somehow Qudaiberdiev’s work did not deserve mention. I might add that, in another essay on the genealogy of the Kazakhs, Tynyshpaev referenced Qudaiberdiev’s work by clear citation.

Tynyshpaev’s 1927 chapter set the gold standard for scholarship on the Bare Footed Flight for the rest of the 20th century, surpassing even Moiseev’s monograph on Kazak-Dzhungar relations. I only hope that my own dissertation can have as great an impact — I am hopeful that will be the case, especially considering the resources I have at my disposal which were not available to Tynyshpaev. Moreover, I have the benefit of his shoulders on which I might stand.


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