The difference between the attacker and the attacked

The difference between the attacker and the attacked

The battle at tours was being fought between the Saracens (Isalimic believers) and the great Frankish general Charles Martel. Charles would go and try to stop the invasion of the Saracens from the east (Spain). In Gibbons view of the battle, it seemed as if the Saracens were swiftly crushed at the hands of the so called great Charles Martel. Gibbons would also portray him as a person who is satisfied with the title of Mayor of the Dukes. His choice to fight and stop the invasion of Saracens had nothing to do with him gaining money and fame in the world, but rather with his good faith and helpfulness. He also made the retreat of the Saracens seem very cowardly through this and you can already tell how he feels about this event. Charles says that the enemy is only interested in one thing and that is a thirst for riches. By saying this it makes them seem like just a group of bandit tribes. You can easily see the way Charles is putting the people down to show the Franks that they are superior. 

In the Arab chronicle it goes a little different from the one Gibbons will tell us. Abderrahman, the leader of this army would step into the land of the Franks in pursuit of Eudes, along the trail he would set fire to villages and churches Like in the first reading, the Franks were fierce warriors and did not give a single inch in battle. The arabs would move in the middle of the night in complete silence. Right here we have two sources that add up pretty perfectly, all except for the last part when the Arabs retreat on Gibbons side. This is a pathetic retreat, but in the eyes of the Arabs they did it gracefully. 

The patriot is a movie starring famous actor and hero Mel Gibson who leads a pack of school teachers, farmers and just your common folk to fight the British army doing the revolutionary war. He is fighting with one commander of the army and these two men will go back and forth. It’s all because the British commander killed Mel Gibson’s son, such a bad move for that guy. Eventually, the colonist gang of misfits will somehow beat these redcoats. This is because, for the British it was just another piece of land they were trying to conquer. For the colonists it was their home they were way more invested in for what they were fighting for. That’s why the Franks beat Saracens, it was on their home turf. Why did gibbons story become the one a lot of people know? Well, because as people we love the underdog stories. Name a film or great event or even sports, people love those great comeback victories and in today’s society if you can get people to go behind it that idea will probably gonna be the one to be passed on..

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