This page contains some information about my research, as well as some materials which may be useful to others with similar interests. Broadly speaking, I am most interested in building a better understanding of nationalism and critiquing the place of the nation as a producer and subject of history. My training in Global History also inspires me to keep an eye on the larger trends and processes shaping our world today, questioning how many of them are as novel as they appear and whether different situations in the past might not offer compelling examples and useful cautionary tales. In the narrowest sense, the bulk of my research experience thus far related to Central Asia and the peoples of the steppe and oasis cities. However, the temporal range of my research stretches from the current affairs in the former Soviet Union back to the early modern era, here meaning the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.
My Curriculum Vitae (updated September 2018)
PhD Thesis (2017):
Running Until Our Feet Turned White: The Barefooted Flight and Kazakh National History
MA Thesis (2011):
Historiography of the Bare-Footed Flight: Dynamics of a National History
Social and Academic Networking: Profile

Tynyshpaev: Ak-taban-shubryndy: The Great Disaster and the Great Victory of the Kazaks

Qudaiberdiev: About Nationalism


The Bare Footed Flight, 1723, in Qazaq Soviet Encyclopedia

Topography map edited to show Eastern Kazakhstan, ca. 1680-1730

Detail from Renat A, ca. 1730, with added labels